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First, the big question: Who will find StudyCorner.net useful, and why would they need to use it? Although developed with collaborative study in mind, StudyCorner.net can be used for anything you can think up! A group of football fans could talk about recent games and schedule meetings to watch the game with the guys, a history class could talk about the test coming up, or a baseball team could keep track of their stats and schedule games and practices.

StudyCorner.net is a revelation in the way that groups of people communicate and organize themselves. No more messy phone trees and mass emails. StudyCorner.net is your Collaboration Destination.

My Groups 
 This is the place where you can view the groups you are in, join existing groups, or create your own group. All services are free!

The Study Corner 
This is the front page of a group. From here, users can access many features such as announcements, forums, file posting, group calendar, study guides, virtual tests, group mailings, and more.

Forums allow users to interact in a clean, organized manner. Users with appropriate permissions are able to moderate the forums.

Study Guides 
A great way to study for tests is by making flashcards and drilling them. However, you tend to know the information that you put on your own flashcards. Wouldn't it be great if someone made flashcards for you? Wouldn't it be even better if 20 people made flashcards for you? With StudyCorner.net's flashcard tool, users can compile study guides useful for the entire group.

File Posting 
Members can post files to the server, post internet addresses, or enter text for easy access by other people. This is a great way to distribute information.

Administration Interface 
Through the administration section of a study corner, admins can control every aspect of their group. Each user has his or her own set of permissions set by an administrator. These permissions dictate what the user can do, such as add announcements, delete announcements, post to the forum, moderate the forum, etc. Furthermore, admins can email the entire group or certain members all at once. Other aspects such as membership requirements are also controlled through this section of the study corner.
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